All information collected by Harriet Wood Hair is done so with the permission of the service user.

Details are held on the electronical app Fresha as a form of client contact in the event that communication needs to take place. Information will be logged on a paper copy of a colour record card, stored securely. For weddings, an electronic booking form will be stored on my hard drive as well as a copy emailed to you. This information will be used to log the record of services provided for ease of use and for future service referral.

The consent of the service user will be recorded by Fresha manually when making a new client contact or when using the app for the first time. A prompted un pre ticked box is provided to consent to use of the information. Service users are encouraged to update their details via the client app, this means access Is allowed at all times and information can be withdrawn on their own accord and can opt out at any time.

Client information will only ever be used by Harriet Wood Hair in order to contact the service user in relation the the service. No information will be passed onto third parties.

Allergy Alert Testing

Performing an allergy alert test is important to ensure the safety of all clients prior to receiving a service in the salon. All service users must have a allergy alert test applies behind the ear 48 hours prior to any service being provided.

All service users must have answered NO to the manufacturers protocol. From manufacturers instructions Harriet Wood Hair is required to perform a allergy alert test 48hrs prior to the service then a repeat after 6 months.

All service users must be over the age of 16.

The service will be be performed after a negative result this will be noted on the clients record card and the service can go ahead, in the event of a positive allergy alert test the service will not go ahead. Service users will be retested every six months unless prompted to do so earlier after following manufacturers instructions. At each appointment within the six months a health and safety card will be completed to ensure a re test isn’t required.

Clients will be required to obtain a new allergy allergy test if:

*They have had any previous allergic reaction to Hennah or permanent make up.

*Currently has a rash on her face or sensitive irritated skin.

*The client is new to the salon or a different shade or colour and brand will be used.

*It has been more than six months since the It has been more than 12 months since the client has last had their hair coloured.

*The client has received a skin tattoo including Hennah or permanent make up since the last colour appointment.

*The client has had a blood inspection since the last colour appointment or on any medication that may cause skin sensitivity.